EATSA ART & TOURISM Film Festival receives films for selection in 3 competitive sections


This section will include films produced for a specific client (DMO, companies or other organizations) and their goal is to promote a given product, service or territory. Their general proposal is to get a persuasive impact on audiences, seducing them.


The main proposal of educational films is to disseminate new ideas or share some knowledge among audiences, and usually, they are part of more general communication programmes. They can serve as educational tools for school or professional education or just to introduce an innovative process in society or in a specific industry.


These are usually films created by independent producers or by television channels with the primary objective of informing on a given topic. These films can be both apologetic and critical of a given phenomenon. In the field of tourism, documentaries play a very useful role, since these are independent productions, that vests them with the critical distance that allows exposing negative situations that need correction.

Each of the three sections of the Festival (Promotional, Educational and Documentary) can include films of any of the formats and focus on any of the themes listed below.


Commercials (up to 1’)
Advertising Campaigns
Promotional Videos (up to 15’)
Animation Films
Corporate Videos

Short Documentaries (up to 30’)
Documentaries (up to 90’)
TV Programs
Independent Travel Videos (up to 25’)


Arts & Creativity
Films about Art Festivals, Fine Arts (Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture), Visual Arts, Plastic Arts, Decorative Arts, Performance Arts, Applied Arts, Biographies of Artists, Art & Culture, Others.

Music & Dance
Concerts and music festivals, documentaries about all kinds of music genres (African, Asian, Avant-garde, blues, Caribbean, Country, Electronic, House, Flamenco, Fado, Folk, Hip-hop, Jazz, Latin, Pop, R&B and Soul, Rock) and films about all kinds of dance genres (Ballet, Modern, Hip-hop, Ballroom, Folk Dance, Musical Theatre, Cabaret, Screen Sance); documentaries about the history of Music Bands, Biographies of Musicians, Others.

Culture & Heritage
UNESCO Heritage (World Heritage sites; Immaterial World Heritage; Biosphere Reserves), Cultural Heritage, History & Heritage, Cultural events, Museums & Exhibitions, Heritage interpretation, Ethnography and Society, Native communities, Biographies, Legends and Rituals, Religion and religious practices.

Sustainable Tourism Issues
Corporate Social Responsibility; Ecolabels; Tourism Certification; Tourism Planning; Eco-mobility; Waste Reduction; Community-based Tourism; Best Practices in Tourism Management.

Tourism Products
Cultural Tourism, Religious Tourism, Mountain Tourism, Rural Tourism; Gastronomic Tourism; Ecotourism; MICE; Medical Tourism; Wellness Tourism, Wine Tourism, etc.

Tourism Destinations
Cities; Regions; Countries; Film Locations.

Tourism Services
Hotels & Resorts; Restaurants; Tourist Recreation; Tour Operators; Sightseeing, etc.

Adventure & Expeditions
Long-distance Trails; Pilgrimages; Routes; Trekking.

Sports & Leisure
Active Tourism; Hallmark Sporting Events; Climbing, Mountaineering, Mountain Biking, Extreme Sports, etc.

Environment and Ecology
Nature and Wildlife; Biodiversity Preservation.

Innovation in Tourism
Smartness in Tourism, Apps for Tourism, Augmented Reality in Tourism.



Early Bird offer – April 30th, 2021 (30% discount off entry fee)

Standard Submission – June 30th, 2021



The Euro-Asia Tourism Studies Association (EATSA) commitment to sustainable tourism development.

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