Promotional Promotional Educational Documentaries This section includes films produced for a specific client (DMO, companies or other organizations) with the goal to promote a given product, service or destination and achieve a persuasive impact on target audiences. Educational Promotional Educational Documentaries The main proposal of educational films is to disseminate new ideas or share particular knowledge among audiences. They can serve as educational tools for academic or professional education or just to introduce an innovative process into society or into a specific industry.

Documentaries Promotional Educational Documentaries These are usually films created by independent producers or by television channels with the primary goal of informing on a given topic. These films can be both apologetic and critical of a given phenomenon.

3 Sections


Commercials (up to 1’)
Advertising Campaigns
Promotional Videos (up to 15’)
Animation Films
Corporate Videos
Short Documentaries (up to 30’)

Documentaries (up to 90’)
TV Programs
Independent Travel Videos (up to 25’)


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